Types Of Dandruff

Why you can’t get rid of dandrufftypes of dandruff

There are many ways to treat dandruff but if you don’t know what type of dandruff you are suffering from you will try a lot of dandruff treatments which won’t cure it!

Therefore I made this list of different types of dandruff which will help you determine what type fits your symptoms!

#1 Dry Skin DandruffCauses of dandruff

Dandruff caused by dry skin is one of the most common types of dandruff.
This type of dandruff leaves symptoms of a dry scalp, itching and flakes. If this fits your symptoms you most likely have a dry scalp.
Because your scalp is dry you need to moisturize it, and good remedies is Olive oil or Coconut oil which is all natural and cheap!

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#2 Oil Dandruffdandruff types

Another common cause of dandruff which is pretty much the opposite from dry skin dandruff.
This kind of dandruff leaves you with an oily scalp and flaking.
The problem to which you suffer from this type of dandruff is because you don’t wash you hair with shampoo enough. If your hair and scalp is not clean, the sebum/skin oil combines with all the dead skin cells and dirt forming itchy flakes.Gentle Anti Dandruff Shampoo

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#3 Fungal Dandruffdandruff type

This type of dandruff is caused by the fungus malassezia, a fungus that naturally lives in your scalp and hair but grows when you have an excessive amount of oil on your scalp which serves as food for the fungus.
This fungus produces oleic acid as a metabolic by-product. This oleic acid in turn produces an increased turnover of skin cells, causing unwanted white flakes. So if you experience shedding of skin, flaking, itching and irritating scalp you most likely have this type of dandruff.
There are both natural remedies and a few shampoos to cure this type of dandruff.
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#4 Disease related DandruffFast Dandruff Treatment

This type of dandruff is the most severe!
people suffering from this type of dandruff may experience infections in the scalp. An example is Psoriasis that causes  excessive production of skin cells on the scalp which leads to scaly skin. They shed and combine with dirt and sebum oil causing dandruff. Similarly, eczema also causes the skin to become itchy and flaky.
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Knowing what sort or kind of dandruff you are suffering from will help you cure dandruff easier. These are the main causes of dandruff, I hope I helped you find your type of dandruff and how to cure it!

Thank you for reading, have a good one!